CES 2010 - Ecotouch Dimmer Lets You Skip Expensive CFL Bulbs (Video)

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch
Freelux North America is producing some cool devices to help you save money and energy. One that caught my eye (especially because I recently had to deal with the problem of how expensive it can be when you want to put a CFL into a dimmer switch) is Freelux's EcoTouch CFL dimmer. Using just your fingertip, you can dim a lamp that has any old CFL bulb screwed into it. Check out a video of it in action...and another product that doesn't make the grade.

The EcoTouch Dimmer is very cool, though it would be great to see this capable of being used with overhead lights as well as lamps. But, we'll take what we can get if it means we can save money and energy by putting less expensive CFLs in our existing dimmer lamps.

freelux products photo

What also caught my eye was this "educational tool" by Freelux. It's a Standby Indicator, intended to show people that their chargers are using up vampire power while plugged in, even when their devices are fully charged or not connected to the charger. Educating people is nice, but this product seems like a complete waste of the earth's resources. Most people are already aware of vampire power issues - they don't need to spend money on a piece of plastic that lights up when they have their chargers. For the "Sustainable Planet" zone, we expect better, more revolutionary technology that helps people save energy. This is some old, worn out thinking, and a device that really shouldn't exist. We need devices that actually cut vampire power in a big way, not just make an LED light up to tell you the problem exists.

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