CES 2010 - EcoNation and Terracycle Turn Out Green(er) Speakers

econation speakers photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

I kinda have to eat my words here. I called EcoNation's cardboard speakers greenwashed awhile back. And, while I'm sticking to the 5 DIY alternatives I mentioned, I have to admit that upclose, these speakers are oh, so cute and tempting. And oh, so much more green than similar quality speakers in the market that the greenwash doesn't seem so glaring anymore. Just as green(er) are the speakers from Terracycle made out of reused snack packaging. Check out some of the other items from EcoNation and Terracycle.

econation earbuds photo

Now, there's nothing about these ear buds from EcoNation that makes them really greener than other ear buds, except maybe the packaging. Slapping some wood on ear buds doesn't do much to make them less impactful on the planet. Yet, they sure do look lovely. So, I'm making an argument (also one I make for bamboo computers) that by putting something natural on something electronic, it can perhaps have the effect of making the user want to take better care of the product and keep it around longer, thereby reducing e-waste and consumption. It's just a theory, but I'm going with it. The packaging, however, does help to reduce the product's environmental impact, no guessing needed.

More interesting, though, were these speakers from Terracycle:

terracycle speakers photo

They're foldable cardboard speakers made from upcycled snack wrappers. Now that is green. And one of the very few electronics products at CES 2010 that is made from recycled materials. Refreshingly green(er).

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