CES 2010 - CEA Takes A Stab At California Television Efficiency Regulations

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

I got on CEA's case a little bit earlier in the week, saying that their green stance on CES is a bit hypocritical considering they've railed against some very eco-friendly moves on the part of cities and states to regulate electronics. It looks like they're taking every opportunity to make their feelings known, allowing this booth in the "Sustainable Planet" zone that promotes two opinions about energy efficiency that reveals how fast and loose they play it with truly caring about Americans cutting energy consumption. The booth simply has three displays about energy efficiency - all told, a waste of space. The one above makes it clear that they're still peeved about California's ban on energy-hog televisions, which will take the most energy-consuming models off store shelves. CEA is mad, despite the fact that most models from most companies still qualify and will remain on the shelves. For example, when I talked to Sharp earlier in the day (who has some beautiful LED televisions out...more to come on that later), they stated that not one of their models would need to be removed from store shelves.

Still, it appears CEA wants to make the statement that energy efficiency should be a voluntary thing on the part of consumers.

But, um, CEA...it IS. Just because the TVs won't be on store shelves in California doesn't mean a consumer can't purchase them. They just have to go out of their way to do so. Rightfully.

California is setting a wonderful example and taking measures to minimize the environmental impact of energy consumption, and cost to consumers, by requiring televisions to be energy efficient. That is just simply NOT a bad thing no matter how you look at it.

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The second not-so-smart display in the booth was this reminder to people. Sure, it is more energy efficient to get a new energy efficient television if you're watching a lot of hours on an old style TV. But...a plasma?? At CES, where new technology is the big thing, it is frustrating to see that they're saying plasma TVs will save a consumer energy. Why not encourage people to check out LED televisions only? Well...I suppose we know why. But it's still frustrating.

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