CES 2010 - CEA Offsetting Energy Use of Tradeshow With Renewable Energy from EarthEra

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NextEra, the largest provider of wind and solar power, has put together EarthEra, a program that connects companies with consumers. With EarthEra, companies can purchase renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon footprint of their energy consumption. 100% of the money is put into a trust, and that money goes toward building more renewable energy facilities. There's a triple bonus for businesses when they do this - which CEA has recognized and that's why they're using EarthEra to offset the entire electricity consumption of not only the tradeshow, but the hotel rooms of every single attendee. And with over 112,500 people attending the first two days alone, that's a lot of hotel rooms. The three main benefits to companies include, of course, making their company look greener to consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environment. By participating, companies can show their customers that they care about their impact on the environment and get an edge in the marketplace.

That's a boon for business, but so too is a more direct benefit of a reduced net carbon footprint. Businesses are going to have to start accounting for carbon, so finding ways to reduce their total carbon footprint is going to be of ever more importance. EarthEra provides a solution for shrinking their net footprint.

And a third benefit is actual renewable energy being increased so there is greater access to renewables for businesses everywhere. By EarthEra placing funds in a trust that is being put towards building renewable energy facilities, we'll see more coal being replaced by more renewable energy. Wind and solar will make up larger portions of the electricity in the power grid, and we will see an over-all cleaner grid.

According to Doug Pryor of NextEra Energy Resources, EarthEra and their renewable energy certificates helps to boost customer demand for renewable energy, which means more money going toward renewable energy facilities and away from coal power plants. So far, $23 million has been put in the trust. And that amount is about to grow.

EarthEra has partnered with CEA to provide renewable energy certificates for CES. In about two weeks, the amount of electricity consumed for the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be calculated, along with the electricity consumption of every the hotel room of every single attendee. Pryor said they have a complex system for calculating the energy consumption of the hotels and associated facilities, and once they have the number, they'll provide CEA with RECs equivalent to that amount. It will be a sizeable boost for the trust and for renewable energy.

He let us know we'd get those numbers once they're available, so we'll keep you updated as soon as possible with just how much electricity the show used.

Individuals, businesses, institutions, colleges, and small businesses can all participate in purchasing RECs from EarthEra.

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