CES 2010 - Bamboo Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones from Impecca

bamboo computer parts photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

When you're surrounded by plastic, metal, and other man-made materials all day long, something made of a natural substance like bamboo calls you to it. I had to stop and say hello to these lovely computer peripherals by Impecca. They go a long way in warming up the experience of using computers. Check them out up close after the jump.

bamboo computer parts photo

Bamboo only lessens the environmental impact of a computer device to a certain extent. The addition of bamboo doesn't mean it's suddenly a green product. There's definitely more to it than that, such as the materials used for the electronics themselves, sourcing of them, recyclability, life span, and so on. But the argument I make is that adding in a material like bamboo makes people - with our inherent connection to nature - care more about the product, so we therefore keep it around longer and expand its lifetime.

When you look at these devices, do they not look like things you'd like to have for awhile - more so than your fifth plastic LG mouse and your third plastic keyboard?

bamboo computer parts photo

At any rate, it was a relief to see them, and we can appreciate how very pretty and calming they are. They're really similar to the set from Kinbamboo we saw back in Ocotber. The keyboard and mouse combo run for $80. I didn't catch the price of the headphones.

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