Cell Phone Towers Could Help Us Out with Global Warming Effects

climate change cell phone tower photo

Photo via TheBusyBrain via Flickr CC

Experts have told us that an effect of warming temperatures is heftier hurricanes and flooding. But exactly how to predict the extent of the impact so people can brace themselves is a point of concern. It could just be that cell phone towers will lend a helping hand, not only to give people a warning system, but also to predict how much water to expect. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a way to analyse cell phone signals and detect the "critical moisture distribution" levels, which is key to knowing just how flooded an area may become, according to Science Daily.

The radio waves emitted by cell phone towers diminish with wetter air. That, combined with rainfall distribution patterns has helped the researchers accurately predict water levels of impending floods.

"Our method provides reliable measurement of moisture fields near the flood zone for the first time," notes Prof. Alpert, who also works with NASA on developing models to study global warming weather patterns. This new tool, he says, can add to the bigger picture of understanding climate change patterns in general.

So while cell phone towers are ugly, even when they're "disguised" as trees, they may be an important part in gathering climate change information and helping us prepare for the effects.

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