CEA's New National Recycling Program - Is It For Real or Just Vaporware?

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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today announced a new national voluntary program to recycle electronics. Off hand, it sounds great, but the Electronics Take-Back Coalition is not impressed.

"Of course, any effort by this industry to do more recycling is a good thing. Frankly, these companies' voluntary takeback programs have been seriously underperforming, with a couple of exceptions (particularly Dell). Most of the company programs require you to mail back your old products, which most people simply won't do. For TVs (which can't be mailed back) the collection sites are few and far between in most states. So in theory, a sincere, robust, long-term recycling effort by this industry should be a good thing."

Yet the ETBC explains point by point why the CEA seems to be missing the boat on this effort, and what exactly we need to see from the industry organization to know that their program will make a difference. Follow Jaymi on Twitter for more stories like this

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