Cave Divers Explore Underwater Wonders At Their Own Peril

cave divers photo

Photo by steren.giannini via Flickr CC

Cave diving is scary business. There's an endless list of things that can go wrong and a diver puts their life at risk every time they slip on their air mask. However, exploring underwater caves is important to understanding and discovering rarely seen ecosystems and slices of prehistoric worlds. Thanks to a great gallery of images, we get to see some of the wonder that attracts cave divers to their profession, and keeps them swimming despite their risk. Wired has a great interview with Jill Heinerth, a photographer and filmmaker, and they've put together a fantastic photo gallery. The images show off not only the technology and tight spaces, but also the incredible beauty and ancient history of these underwater spaces. In the image above, a diver swims through stalactites in a cave off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, the formations created during past ice ages before the cafe was under water. Imagine what can be discovered by studying what is in these caves! As Heinerth states in the interview with Wired, "A cave is like a protected little underground laboratory."

From exploring ice caves and the information they hold about climate change, to lava tubes and the biodiversity they hold, cave divers have an amazing profession. Check out the many beautiful photos and the fascinating interview over at Wired.

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