Canadian Carbon Sequestration Project Leaking, Killing Farm Animals & Causing Algae Blooms

saskatchewan farm photo

photo (not the actual farm...): Martin Cathrae/Creative Commons

Not too much on this one yet, but take it as an example of one of the no-longer theoretical problems of carbon capture and storage: Canada's CTV News is reporting that a CCS project in Saskatchewan is leaking, killing animals and "sending groundwater foaming to the surface like shaken-up soda pop."Tests commissioned by farmers Cameron and Jane Kerr, whose land sits atop the project, have found high concentrations of CO2 in the soil that "matches the carbon dioxide Cenovus has been injecting." The energy company has been injecting 8,000 metric tons of CO2 a day into underground storage.

Read more: CTV News

More on the Cenovus enhanced oil recovery/CCS project in question: Cenovus
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