Can Wind Pioneer Play Alongside the Big Utilities?

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From his 'wind-powered' electric sports car via his red-meat-free football stadium to becoming one of the UK's richest people through renewable energy, wind pioneer Dale Vince usually attracts both headlines and controversy. Now The Independent newspaper has an excellent profile of the renewable energy entrepreneur, including details of how he plans to take on Britain's "big six" utility companies in the near future, and just what he makes of government u-turns on solar subsidies:

Now Ecotricity is moving into gas. It already has 8,000 customers on its green gas tariff, and the income is building Britain's first anaerobic digestion plant turning food waste into gas for heating and cooking - a scheme that will be up and running in 12 months. "In our first year, green gas from a sugar beet factory in Holland was 1.4 per cent of our supply," Mr Vince says. "It might not be much but it's still the greenest gas supply in Britain, and next year we expect to double it." Mr Vince has serious ambitions. "The crazy plan to become the Big Seventh is not just a crazy plan - we're really doing it," he says. "Ten years from now I'd like to see one million customers."

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