California Says Sprawl Causes Global Warming

The Government of California, where low density sprawling suburban development and car dominated culture might have been invented, is actually suing some of its cities and counties to stop poorly planned suburban sprawl and the greenhouse gases that are generated because of it. The lawsuit against San Bernadino County argues that greenhouse gases are pollution that is subject to state regulation. If the suit is successful, California cities and counties could be forced to take steps to limit sprawl, promote compact development, require builders to design energy-efficient houses that offer solar power, and encourage less driving, more mass transit and use of alternative fuels.

"It's ground-breaking. California is just leading the way for other states and jurisdictions that will ultimately follow," says Richard Frank of the Center for Environmental Law and Policy at the University of California-Berkeley.

Go Arnold, for attacking this critical issue. It doesn't matter how green you build if the only way to get home is to drive. ::USA Today

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