Calculating How Telecommuters Make a Difference

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Image via SonicWALL

We at TreeHugger often make the point that telecommuting makes green sense in many situations. The trouble is convincing business managers of this. A new calculator by SonicWALL could help turn more managers on to allowing employees to telecommute once they see the financial and environmental benefits. For businesses on the fence about letting employees telecommute, SonicWALL's calculator helps them run the numbers to see what kind of benefit they might see. It looks at emissions diverted and fuel saved on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Knowing what kind of emissions are saved is a big deal considering the attention corporate carbon emissions reporting has been getting.

If you're an employee eager to telecommute, you might want to point this calculator out to your boss - who knows, it just might help convince them. After all, 45 million Americans are doing it...maybe you can too!

Via ZDnet
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