Build Your Own Solar Oven With Automatic Sun Tracking

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Photos by Keith, SolarPoweredGardener

It's one thing to make a solar oven -- some cardboard, plastic wrap and foil can be enough to accomplish that. But what about a solar oven complete with sun tracking so that your meal is constantly in the right sunlight? This project walks you through the steps for building one. solar oven photo

Instructable user Keith, aka SolarPoweredGardener, has provided the steps one needs to make their very own sun-tracking solar powered oven.

solar oven photo

He created an insulated box (including two panels for mirrors, and removable back doors), mounted it to allow it to tilt and rotate (plopping it on a big Lazy Susan dealt with the rotation part), added a motor so it could move itself, and of course devised a simple but great solar panel system so that the unit could detect and track the sun.

solar oven photo

The project will take some time to create yourself -- it's a weekend warrior job, or one that will take a few weeks of tinkering for less experienced DIYers -- but the end product is worth it. This DIY solar oven will do an amazing job of slow-cooking a tasty meal throughout the day without you having to monitor and move it around. Check out instructions and extra notes on Instructables.

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