Brooklyn to build automated underground parking garage - under a public park

Automotion parking garage Willoughby Square Park
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A public park to be built in downtown Brooklyn will be paid for by an automated parking garage underneath it, the largest of its kind in North America.

When the Willoughby Square Park opens in 2016, it will be home to an acre of green space, with mature trees, gardens, picnic areas, and water features for residents to enjoy. And underneath it all will be a state-of-the-art fully-automated 700-car parking garage that puts the cars out of sight, while also reducing the amount of exhaust pollution associated with idling in traditional parking garages.

Automotion Parking Systems won the contract to provide the automated parking at the new facility, which is expected to handle 250,000 cars per year, fitting three times the number of cars in the same square footage as a conventional garage could.
The process sounds extremely simple:

How Automotion Works: Park. Swipe. Leave. It’s that simple. Each customer will follow the ramp beneath the park and drive into one of Automotion’s 12 entry/exit rooms. Once they enter the large well-lit room, they will be greeted by a large flat screen TV that aids them in properly placing their car on a pallet in the middle of the room. Drivers park and lock their cars, then swipe their credit card at an Automotion Kiosk to initiate the parking process. Each vehicle is then transported automatically to its storage bay while the customer is walking away. When returning, the customer swipes the same credit card again and the car is returned back to the entry/exit room in less than 2 minutes, ready to be driven away. Since no one has touched the car, there is no risk of scratches, dents or dings, nor any chance of theft of goods left inside of the car.

Because of the way the automated parking works, not only is less fuel burned, but releases of exhaust pollutants in the local area are much less than they would be in a conventional system. According to Automotion, when compared to traditional garage of the same size, an estimated 17,000 fewer gallons of fuel would be burned each year, and CO2 emissions would also be reduced by about 152 metric tons every year.

Learn more about Willoughby Square Park here.

Brooklyn to build automated underground parking garage - under a public park
A new project in Brooklyn will serve a dual purpose - not only will it be a public green space, but the ground underneath it will contain a state-of-the-art automated parking facility.

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