Brockton, Massachusetts Adopts Solar Initiatives


About a half hour south of Boston is the city of Brockton, Mass. with just under 100,000 residents. Once known as an industrial hub and dependent on manufacturing, the city has recently gone through some tough times with the economy. But here in New England, it is now a leader and a huge education tool.

Last month, the largest solar array of all six states went online in Brockton and by the end of the year it will produce more solar energy than any other city or town in Massachusetts. Built on the site of a former coal gasification plant, the new facility is expected to produce enough electricity to power 71 homes. The solar panels were built locally by SCHOTT Solar of Billerica, Mass. which manufactures the largest solar panels in the country. Because of this, 80% of the project’s funds stayed within the state. But that’s not the only solar project that is putting Brockton on the map right now.

In a different part of the city, Johnson Square Builders of Brockton is constructing New England’s first solar powered condo complex. By the end of the year, each of the 26 townhouses will include rooftop solar panels, built by Evergreen Solar of Marlborough, Mass, that will be designed to provide 70-100% of each unit’s electrical needs.

The complex will be energy efficient and will also include underground tanks that will store 40,000 gallons of rainwater. Builders and developers of the 1,100 square foot units are hoping for LEED platinum certification. Via ::AMC Outdoors Photo Courtesy ::SCHOTT Solar

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