Bono, Oprah Launch (PRODUCT) RED iPod nano


Bono and Oprah are teaming up to unveil a red iPod nano (last year's green product of the year, minus the red) to benefit the Global Fund to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Bono will join Oprah today on her show for the official unveiling, though the product is already availabe through the Apple website. The RED nano goes for $199, just like the non-colored variety, and $10 from each sale goes directly to the Global Fund. In honor of the event, the logo at the Apple store in New York City was changed to red. Watch Oprah today for more details and what looks to be a huge party; according to the teaser on her site, the launch will also include Kanye West and Alicia Keys. The nano joins AmEx's RED card, Motorola's RED RAZR, Gap's RED t-shirt and more as products benefitting the Global Fund. ::iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED via ::Gizmodo and ::Oprah