Bnarrator Gives Voice to Websites, Creates Green Jobs, and Remixes Nalgene Bottle Dangers


What if the environment could speak for itself? Would it say "ouch" every time a new plane took off from the tarmac spewing CO2e's into the air. Would it say gracias, merci, todah or thank you for every new tree planted, or for the leftovers you composted last night?

Giving a new kind of voice to the environment is Bnarrator, a widget solution that truly lets the voice of the environment shine through. The company gives a free service to content owners who run websites and blogs, and allows any of your content to be narrated with a real human voice. Plus you can make some "real" green cash at the same time.

Consider how the phenomenally popular Nalgene post by TreeHugger's Lloyd would sound if it were narrated (click the icon to listen):

Bnarrator has also made a mock-up to show you how Lloyd's Nalgene post would look if it were narrated: click here to see and hear the same Nalgene post, with narration. For you the website or blog owner, the service is completely free, and an interesting ad-revenues sharing model enables you as the content owner to make money every time someone "listens" to your website or blog.

Over in Israel, we're trying Bnarrator out on a few posts at the Green Prophet blog to see how it catches on. To see the posts and how the narrator element looks, click the following links:

1. Tel Aviv's Environmentally-Friendly Food Festival
2. Israel Cleantech Ventures Exceeds Its Own Expectations
3. Celebrate Independence From Pesticides In Your Falafel

Or just listen to the posts here on TreeHugger. (Each site would get their own customized player. For demo purposes, Bnarrator used the TH logo.)

1. Tel Aviv's Environmentally-Friendly Food Festival

2. Israel Cleantech Ventures Exceeds Its Own Expectations

3. Celebrate Independence From Pesticides In Your Falafel:

7 Ways Bnarrator Greens the Online Experience
1. For one, it might mean less printed content. Don't have time to read your favourite green blog or news today? Send the posts to your cell phone or iPod, and listen to them when you're on the bus or washing the dishes. The slow food movement people might not agree, but this TreeHugger thinks multi-tasking is green.

2. Narrated posts can turn static content or interviews into green podcasts instantly. More greenness everywhere, for everyone! It costs you nothing.

3. Narrated posts can be sent through cellular networks. Giving the Internet voice might mean that you won't need to buy that bling'ed out iPhone or Blackberry after all. And more people in developing countries have cell phones than they do computers.

Another way to reach the masses and educate about green. Yay!

4. Five percent of the company's revenues support environmental organizations. You can choose which organizations. If you don't want the ad revenues generated from your site, donate them to a company that offsets.

5. You can send juicy green stories to your friends abroad who might not read English well, but who can understand when they hear it in conversation.

6. Job Opportunities. By hiring live narrators, who also split the ad revenues with the site owner, new green jobs can be created for people from their comfort of their homes. Think you have what it takes to narrate green websites? Sign up as a narrator here.

7. New Advertising Channels. Special green advertisers looking to reach an illustrious green audience will also find Bnarrator an interesting company. And while interviewing the company's CEO Jonathan, he says he is ready and willing to make attractive green deals for would-be advertisers.

Here's a promotional video from Lauren at Bnarrator and how it works:

Want to give it a whirl? Visit Bnarrator, or email their marketing director Ilan Yogev.


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