Blue OLED Efficiency Boosted 25%

Blue OLED lights photo

Image via Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Blue OLEDs are significantly more efficient thanks to a materials breakthrough that promises to be cheap and easily implementable.From Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"The weakest link in OLED research is the absence of an efficient, long-lasting blue light to accompany the red and green," said Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientist Asanga Padmaperuma. Development of better host materials to manage the flow of electricity through the device could help solve that problem.

Padmaperuma and his collegues have designed, synthesized and tested new materials that improve the power efficiency of blue OLEDs by at least 25 percent.

Other than that, we don't know much. Scientists were scheduled to gather yesterday to discuss the findings, so the rest of us will have to sit and twiddle our thumbs until more news is released.

We'll keep our ear to the wall.

Via OLED Display
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