Bioneers 2008: Using Google Earth for Environmental Activism

One project took full advantage of the future-focused imaging possibilities. Dreaming New Mexico used Google Earth to create a future vision of New Mexico in 2020 should it switch from fossil fuels to the renewable energy abundantly available within the state. They can now use it during meetings with communities and politicians to show the possibilities available to the state with the switch.

What is truly amazing is that Google Earth Outreach is working also with indigenous cultures that have never used technology to use Google Earth to show what is happening to their native areas. A Brazilian tribe has been able to use it to prevent the deforestation and ruin of their area, and to preserve their culture and history. They’ve shown areas of historical battles, where they collect medicinal plants and food, and how they are restoring the rainforest around them.

Google Maps has the ability to map things that are difficult to conceive, such as climate change how the world will look if we continue on our current path, it can map histories of cultures, the migration patterns and activities of animals and how they change. It can do time animations and 3D flights. All these amazing, free tools work to make deep impressions and cause change.

There are nine case studies where you can see how Google Earth has been implemented for environmental activism.

Non-Profits can use Google Earth Free to do similar projects, or if you have a non-profit (501c3) and want to utilize the expert possibilities behind Google Earth Pro, check out their grant program details.

Google Earth Outreach has accomplished incredible things since the beginning of serious utilization of the mapping features in 2005. The program officially launched in New York in 2007, and has launched in nine countries in just one short year, and has been translated into 26 languages.

When asked what next year holds for the program, Moore simply replied: “Hold on to your hats.”

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