Bioneers 2008: High Tech High Students Creating Our Future

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Most people complain of hating high school. But that might be because they didn't get to do cool stuff like make an electric car - or it is because they didn't go to High Tech High.

HTH started in 2000 as a single charter school, but it has grown by leaps and bounds since then, and the student body focuses on specific projects that teach them what they need to learn. The school has had a 100% graduation rate, which is practically unheard of, and the students leave as published authors, since each class contributes to a book.

Next year's book subject focus is a favorite of TreeHugger... The students are taking aim at the field of biomimicry - which is one big reason why they shared a booth with the San Diego Zoo at last weekend's Bioneers conference.

Dr. Jay Vavra heads up the area of biomimicry, and students review case studies of biomicry in action, and are moving closer to finishing their book on the field of study.

The San Diego Zoo is working closely with the school, giving presentations and inspiration for their work. In fact, the school has some pretty amazing visitors - even Bill Gates came by to say hello!

Progress can be followed by checking out the Biotech Beat, because every school has to have a paper call "The Beat," right?

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