Bioneers 2008: Familiar Faces — Interface Carpets, WiserEarth, Nepalese Paper and More

Bioneers Giant Globe

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Many TreeHugger favorites made their way to Bioneers 2008. From carpets to paper, from solar to social networking websites, many TH friends permeated the exhibit hall.

Check out the huggable companies who made it out to the conference to show off their greener sides. Interface Carpet
Ray Anderson made an amazing speech at the plenary on opening day of Bioneers, highlighting how his company has used biomimicry to figure out better, cleaner practices, from gecko-inspired adhesive methods to nature's pallet-inspired designs that reduce waste.

Interface sells carpet to the tune of $1,100,000,000 each year. That is just one reason why the business world listens up when Ray Anderson speaks. Ray describes his ecological awakening as "a spear in the chest," a wound he has used to both his company's advantage, and the planet's. Giving rebirth to 133 million pounds of carpet is just the beginning. Anderson and his design teams are hard at work studying nature's delicate technologies—like the sticky feet of geckos—to make products better, cleaner, and more beautiful.

I started up my WiserEarth profile here at Bioneers. It is a wiki-style networking website for green causes, groups, and individuals.

WiserEarth, an "open source, community-editable international directory and networking forum that maps, links and empowers the largest movement in the world — the hundreds of thousands of organizations within civil society that address social justice, poverty, and the environment." It's essentially a kind of Wikipedia of green and social justice groups

Nepalese Paper
With a focus on tree-free paper products, Nepalese Paper is a:

California-based distributor of tree-free fair trade handmade craft papers from Nepal. They produce a beautiful range of products, from stationary to cardstocks and prayer flags.

Eat Well Guide's Cultivating the Web
A very cool book we've talked about recently, I was excited to find copies at the Food & Water Watch booth.

Highlights include the consumer pressure forcing Starbucks to commit to serving only rBGH-free milk, the efforts of concerned mother Cheyenne Glasgow who used her Flickr account to document the poor quality of food served in Portland's free public school breakfast program, and Food & Water Watch's "Take Back the Tap" viral video contest. TreeHugger is pleased to be cited for our role in helping Fritz Haeg find a home for his Edible Estates #2 art exhibit spotlighting the wastefulness of the front lawn.

Solar Living Institute
[solar Living Institutes's] course catalog covers a wide range of green topics, from "How to Build a Straw Bale House", to "Build Your Own Biodiesel Processor", to "Ecological Urban Gardening".

Many other outstanding organizations and businesses made their way to Bioneers. Stay tuned to find out more about what Bioneers 2008 had to offer.

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