Bioneers 2008: Outlines What Nature Has to Offer for Biomimicry

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Announced at Bioneers 2008, the Biomimicry Institute is launching later next month an incredible website that will serve to spark imagination and innovation in the field of biomimicry -

And you can be part of its creation. Read on to find out how. The Biomimicry Institute is doing some incredible things for revolutionizing the way we go about solving problems and creating products. From offering degrees in the study, to working with businesses like Interface to improve the eco-friendliness of their products and manufacturing processes, the institute is at the forefront of a coming tidal wave of biomimetic popularity.

To facilitate the questions and answers that will come with the change to looking at nature for better ideas, the Biomimicry Institute has created

The world's first interactive database of Nature's solutions to sustainability challenges, where relevant biological information is searchable by design and engineering function.

Designers, planners, engineers, or any one involved in creating the world as we see it can have an online resource helping them quickly find the animals, plants and occurrences in nature that offer solutions.

The portal is still being developed. But you can help by signing up and becoming a tester.

It will be a pretty amazing resource for a pretty amazing emerging field of science and sustainability.

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