Biogas from Cow Dung in Luxembourg


I don’t know why I haven’t shared this with you yet but I am from a village in Luxembourg called Redange where the tropical swimming pool, the sports centre & the school they are building are/will be heated by cow dung. My dad and 28 other cattle farmers got together and started the coop 'Biogas un der Atert ' (‘Atert’ being our river) to ‘convert the methane from their cow manure into bio-fuel for cogeneration motors. Their installation solves part of their manure surplus and has an electrical production of 1366 Mwh/year (supplied to the grid) and a heat production of 2037 MWh/year (supplied to the swimming pool, sports centre & school).’ All that’s left afterwards is a high-quality organic fertiliser for the farmer’s fields that’s not at all smelly and totally free of methane (one of the most harmful greenhouse gasses).
From an environmental point of view it is clearly positive but the whole operation comes with quite a high cost of installation which at this point is still the main reason why this technology hasn’t spread further. In Luxembourg however, the farmers were granted cogeneration and green certificates which makes the investment worth-while and the pay-back period shorter. Another advantage for this particular installation in Redange (one of the biggest in the world so far and referred to as the ‘textbook example’) is that the cattle farms are not located too far away from each other and have the destinations for the heat close by which limits loss of energy.
The project ‘Biogas un der Atert’ brings together 3 main points of sustainable development: economical efficiency, social collaboration & protection of the environment. The biogas technology used in the project comes from Luxembourg and is the work of a local engineering company L.E.E.. Bio-Metha is a new North American company introducing a similar approach in Canada using the collaboration of partners like L.E.E. from Luxembourg.
To see pictures, read the whole story and further information about the process click here. More information about ‘Biosgas un der Atert ‘ on ::, :: L.E.E., :: Bio-Metha, and more TreeHugger :: Power of Poo