BioBac: Biodegradable Textile Coating

BioBac: Biodegradable Textile CoatingInterface Fabrics has announced what it is calling a breakthrough textile coating. Called BioBac, this new coating is made of 100% bio-based annually renewable materials designed to replace acrylic and rubber latex backing for upholstery, wall covering and panel fabrics. It is also fire neutral — it neither increases nor decreases the flammability of the base fabric. BioBac is derived from starch — from crops such as corn. The starch portion of these crops are converted into sugar and fermented to produce lactic acid, and then polymerized to form polylactideacid (PLA).

BioBac can be removed from fabric through the application of heat and water. Interface Fabrics is in the last stages of developing a process to remove BioBac from a fabric. Once this is accomplished, Interface says that "backings will no longer hinder the eventual recycling of the main fabric."

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[by Justin Thomas]


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