Bill O'Reilly Disses Solar, Solar Chief Hits Back

solar power is simple oreilly
Credit: bbjee via Flickr.

You may have heard about the hot deal made between SunEdison and the Irvine, California, school district. They're putting up panels at 21 sites, and expect to save $17 million in energy costs over 20 years.

It wasn't long after news of the agreement broke that conservative talker Bill O'Reilly said solar power was too expensive and complicated for him. See his wisdom here, at about 3:23:

Tom Rooney
, whose company, SPG Solar, is building the Irvine system, said Bill needs to get his head out of his you know what.

"There is nothing complicated or expensive about it," Rooney said in an e-mail.

"You want complicated? Go to one of our solar installations in Napa Valley where we built a solar energy array on top of a pond of water—the panels actually float.

"You want complicated? How about building an acre of solar panels in one of the most desolate places on earth: A hotel in the middle of Death Valley."

Rooney has a lot more to say, of course. The bottom line: Solar is a simple decision. There are tax credits, rebates, and none of the guilt of coal or danger of nuclear.

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