Big Room's .eco Domain Could Make the World Greener, More Transparent

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Back in March we wrote very briefly about Al Gore and other big names backing the idea of a .eco domain registration for the web. Gore and cohorts are supporting Dot Eco Ltd, an organization that wants to make .eco a domain name where companies and people can put their green info. However, they aren't the only ones applying to ICANN for the .eco top level domain. Big Room hopes to get ahold of .eco, and has some big ideas about what to with it, like, oh, change the world.Big Room has just launched their website boasting the .eco concept. It's pretty fantastic, with potential to significantly change how the Internet is used for green good, and you can play a role in getting it going.

To have everything you see on the web have transparent environmental information at the ready. That would be pretty great, right? Well, that's just what .eco wants to accomplish, and then some. The elevator pitch for .eco sums up:

Big Room's proposal for the "dot eco" domain is imaginative. Even more important than raising revenue for Eco causes, it will help the drive to standardise reporting and make it more inclusive. In particular it will give many small businesses an easy, low cost way of sustainability reporting. Everyone in the field has found reporting for smaller organisations to be a real challenge - this looks like a clever way of moving the field forward fast.

Here's who is behind Big Room's .eco:

Who? from dot eco on Vimeo.

And how will Big Room's .eco work:

It's pretty exciting, and goes a lot farther in its activism than Dot Eco Ltd seems to go, though like Big Room, Dot Eco Ltd is also pondering the idea of having companies show their green cred in order to keep their domain. Either way, having a .eco would be a great option for a web presence and we're rooting for someone to capture it from ICANN.

Big Room is taking a community approach, and you can be a supporter or even help develop the policy that will back .eco.

We'll hopefully know in another year or so what happens with .eco TLD in general, and Big Room's .eco concept specifically.

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