Big Ass Fans: Great idea, Dumb Name


Up in Dorset, Ontario they sell Big Ass pickled garlic and for years I have thought the name was stupid and offensive. Now I am writing a post about Big Ass fans and I think their name is stupid as well, but I do like the idea. Its simple: Big fans move slowly and quietly while moving more air than small fans. Since hot air rises, putting fans in to destratify the air saves a lot of energy in winter. In summer, moving air keeps you cooler- you save all year round. Fans make a lot of sense and big fans make even more. Too bad about the name- it may good for retail exposure and a wacky website but what architect is going to specify something called ::Big Ass Fans ? via ::Jetson Green

UPDATE: in their company history, they say "We entered the world in 1999 as the HVLS (High Volume/Low Speed) Fan Company, a nod to our technology. And, with each fan sold, we noticed people looking skyward in disbelief and uttering, "That sure is a big ass fan." It didn't take us long to embrace the quirky name and become the Big Ass Fans® Company. Even I will agree that the new name is more memorable.

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