BCKSolar: The Argentinean Solar Cooker


We were pleased to see some green designs when the national Argentinean Innovar inventions-competition’s winners were announced. BCKSolar is one of them: a compact solar cooker and food carrier that can be folded into a tube. It can heat water up to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, which makes it possible to cook rice, pasta, soup, eggs, etc. Once hot, the cooker also allows keeping the food warm as thermos container would. According to Javier Bertani, who designed the piece with Vera Kade and Ezequiel Castro, the recipient in the middle of the conical surface acts as a black figure that absorbs solar energy; it is then isolated by an acrylic tube air chamber. Since it is transparent, it allows the heat to go in, but keep the recipient from losing the accumulated heat. The BCKSolar Cooker is a prototype, but the designers are whiling to take it into production, so everyone interested can get in touch with them through their website or through info at bcksolar dot com dot ar. ::BCKSolar [Link removed because site seems to have been hacked -Ed.]