BC Premier Blames "Spring Olympics" on Global Warming

cypress mountain without too much snow photo

Daily Mail

A lot of us winced whenever anyone conflated the lack of snow on Cypress Mountain in Vancouver with climate change; Vancouver is often springlike in February and this is about weather, not climate. People were questioning Cypress as a venue years ago, noting that it is often raining there instead of snowing.

But now the Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, is saying that the record-breaking warm weather was the result of climate change. He tells the Globe and Mail:

"I think people are not looking at the big picture. We just had the warmest winter in over 100 years in Vancouver." But not everyone agrees that you can, or should, blame this on climate change.


Gordon Campbell in the Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail quotes a scientist from Victoria:

Andrew Weaver, a leading climate-change scientist from the University of Victoria, cautioned against using a single balmy winter as proof of climate change. "You can never point to a single weather event and say it is due to global warming," he said. "The scientific community would get creamed for that."

To his credit, Campbell is using his climate change argument to promote a very unpopular carbon tax of 4.45 cents per litre of gas. He also envisions a "green corridor" on the West Coast, telling the Globe:

"British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California are going to be in the vanguard; we are going to lead economic growth as a result of that," Mr. Campbell said. "And I think we're going lead to healthier and more sustainable communities as well."

Now that is making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

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