Battery Recycling Catching On, Nearly 7 Million Pounds Collected in 2008

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Call2Recycle's latest report on battery recycling numbers shows that recycling old batteries is really catching fire with consumers. The program had a 9.6% increase in its collection of rechargeable batteries during 2008, with a whole 6.9 million pounds being collected and recycled.

So what happened that made recycling rates jump?Turns out, getting the word out more effectively is a big part of it, but the real trick lies with companies and communities getting involved.

"Many factors contributed to this year's success, including new partnerships and the expansion of our collection program to include a new battery chemistry. But more than anything, continuous support and ongoing involvement from our retail, consumer and community partners has helped us grow our collection efforts year over year," said Carl Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). "Particularly as more attention is paid to the disposal of electronic waste, the Call2Recycle solution stands out as a viable means of handling rechargeable battery disposal."

Call2Recycle increased its work with to reach a broader online audience, expanded its collection programs to include Nickel Zinc batteries, and buddied up with Sony, DeWalt, Ritz Camera, and the US. Forest Service. The boost in partnerships played an important part in getting so much more collected and properly recycled.

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