Batscap Enhanced Car Batteries

There have been several enigmatic communiques in 2004 from Bollore, a multinational based in Quimper (West Brittany, France) specializing in polymer plastics and involved in lithium technology research. Promising a new era in electric battery technologies for automobiles, these very laconic pieces of AFP prose that could be found in local papers were announcing uncommon performance for an electric car : a speed of 130 km/h (80 mph) for an autonomy of around 200 km (124 miles). Initially code named VBE1, the prototype, designed in partnership with engineers from the Renault car brand, was to be revealed to the world at the 2005 Geneva car Show (February 2005). Well that was not a hoax and the prototype is there, it's named Bluecar and its strange round shape has been the cause of harsh discussions in French forums, most participants being quite disappointed with a design they dislike. Well our opinion on the subject is that... it's a question of taste but efficiency is there and space inside the car allows three people in front seats and 2 in the back (or 3 people plus luggage). That's not too bad for an electric car that also has to carry its weight of batteries..


Bollore is now in talks with car makers to develop a mass produced model. Our concern is when is that going to happen, and how much will it cost me to buy a brand new Bluecar ! Latest press articles mention 2008 and around 15 000 euros. Not as scary as it sounds when you consider the ridiculous price of filling the tank: around 1 euro per 100 km is expected to keep your batteries on the run.[by Erwan Pianezza, Locronan in Brittany] ::Batscap ::Bollore