Barnes & Noble Hits Over 650,000 Nook Color Periodical Downloads

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In a press release, Barnes & Noble notes that digital periodical sales are way, way up, with over 650,000 total subscriptions from Nook Color customers. Also, "Since Christmas Day, Nook customers ordered 150 percent more subscriptions than the total number sold over the entire previous 12 months," reports CNET It seems like wonderful news for dematerialization -- less paper and less transportation of periodicals from publishing house to everywhere in the country. However, while we've seen the carbon footprint comparisons of reading news either online or in print, and books compared to e-readers, it might be time for experts to do another calculation for ereaders and tablet devices versus magazines -- especially full color magazines -- now that the devices are gaining this kind of popularity. Dematerialization is great, but only if the devices last years -- where we're at with ereaders and tablet devices in terms of longevity is still a guessing game.

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