BAN Uncovers e-Cycler Lying, Sending e-Waste Overseas

ban e-waste recycling truck photo

Photo via Basel Action Network: "Container loaded with large computer monitors from Humane Society free e-waste collection event. Container was tracked to South Africa after "recycler" claimed no export"

Diligent eyes at Basel Action Network discovered that EarthECycle recently held two e-waste recycling events at which they assured people the waste would be recycled locally, but instead packed it up to ship it overseas to e-waste dumps. According to BAN:

BAN followed the trucks, to two area warehouses and then some days later observed the waste being reloaded onto 40 foot ocean-going containers. They then tracked 6 of the containers to Hong Kong and one to South Africa. BAN has warned authorities about their imminent arrival and actions are now underway to halt and return the shipments.

EarthECycle flat out lied. And it is, unfortunately, not an uncommon thing. That is why making sure your e-waste goes to a responsible recycler is so important, and using only e-Steward approved recyclers is a must.

Swift action on the part of BAN has helped keep toxic materials out of locations where safe recycling practices are not common. Five of the six Hong Kong bound containers have been returned to EarthECycle, and the shipment to South Africa is due to arrive in the port of Durban today.

Read the full release, or access a full report.

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BAN Uncovers e-Cycler Lying, Sending e-Waste Overseas
Diligent eyes at Basel Action Network discovered

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