Baltimore Announces Massive Smart Grid Program - 2 Million Meters to be Installed

electric meter photo

Say goodbye to your old 'dumb' electric meter. Photo: John Wilson via flickr

Baltimore residents, get ready to get in on the smart grid party. Baltimore Gas & Electric has just announced that it has filed paper with the Maryland Public Service Commission to roll out a program that will see some two million smart meters will be installed, and a new pricing plan implemented that promises to save customers $2.6 billion over the life of the program:That's all of course, provided the MPSC approves the program and BGE qualifies for $200 million in grants from the Department of Energy, anticipated in October 2009.

BGE plans on paying for the program through cost-recovery from consumers. Yup, you're paying for it, but it's hardly a bill increase: Initially an estimated $0.38/month for electric-only customers and $0.44/month for gas-only customers, increasing to $1.24 and $1.52 as the program ramps up.

That said, the expected savings from the program -- customers will be given rebates for reducing power consumption during peak demand times -- far outweigh the cost-recovery bill increases. It's estimated that customer savings are likely to outpace costs by a factor of 3 to 1.

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