Baby Capsules - A Product Service System (PSS)

Recently I visited a friend, with a one month old daughter, and was reminded of yet another Product Service System (PSS). Australia probably has the most stringent child restraint safety standards in the world (not surprising, considering it was the first country to mandate compulsory seatbelts.) Indeed, it was an Australian company that invented the now ubiquitous Baby Safety Capsule. Designed to restrain a delicate little bub for the first six months of their earthly existence, such capsules face babies backwards. This is so, in the event of a car accident, or sudden braking, they are cradled by the broad shape of the capsule, rather than forced against thin straps and hard buckles. From an environmental point of view, the real innovation occurred when ...... the early childhood health centres of many local councils, like Darebin, began hiring the capsules to fresh parents. A no-brainer really. Baby only needs this form of capsule, for 6 months, but all that plastic will live on for at least 500 years! (And there are about another 125 miilion babies all set to join my friend’s daughter this year.) Besides, many new families have enough costs, without forking over $200 AUD for a half year’s useful life. So this way, for about $50 AUD, junior travels safe and the world has way less long-life plastic to cope with. ::BubHub [by WM]

• In Australia it would probably be easier to list the councils, who don’t hire capsules. Check with yours. If not, locate a company like Hire for Baby

• In the UK try All4 Kids for their list of companies offering the service.

• In the US, ... mmm, took a bit of digging, but try Baby’s Away

NB: Such places hire/rent a bunch of other baby stuff ,that you don’t need to own but can get the service of, particularly as your child will soon grown beyond much of it.