Awesome Science Kit Teaches Kids About Renewable Energy...But Requires AA Batteries?

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Image via Hammacher Schlemer

If I were nine years old again, I'd soooo ask for this for Christmas. It's a learning toy centered on renewable energy. The mad scientist-looking device teaches kids about different types of renewable energy sources, how effective each type of energy source is, energy storage, and even teaches them how to reduce energy consumption at home. And yet, there's a very ironic twist to how part of the device itself is powered.

The Renewable Energy Experiment Kit by Hammacher Schlemer features "a wind turbine, solar cell, electrolytic cells, and a hand-operated dynamo generate electricity that is stored in a rechargeable battery and then is distributed through the integrated circuit board to power a motor, LEDs, and buzzer using wiring terminated with alligator clips."

The built-in voltmeter shows kids how effective their energy sources are at collecting electricity. However, it requires two AA batteries. And the batteries suggested for purchase on the site...they're not rechargeable.

So, what stopped the makers from hooking the voltmeter up to the existing rechargeable battery that could be powered by the energy collected while using the kit? That would have been much more cool. Or at the very least, suggest rechargeable AA batteries to go with the kit. I mean, c'mon...finish the green thought process!

I guess the bright side is parents now have the opportunity to show their kids how to hack a solar powered battery charger.

Other than that hiccup, this looks like a very fun present to get kids into understanding renewable energy. After all, it's hopefully what they'll grow up using.

Via Good Clean Tech
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