Awesome Green DIY Projects from MAKE

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Photo via Barto via Flickr Creative Commons

MAKE is one of my absolute favorite resources for inspiration and clever ideas for projects. They've looked through their archives and made a list of some of the best green projects they've seen, and we love their list. Check out these green projects by Marc de Vinck.The MAKE blog is running a Green Projects Contest in which DIYers can share their projects and everyone votes for their favorites.

There are quite a few that knock our socks off, like the Open Source Heating Thermostat with graphing and reporting, the Water Energy Generator, and the DIY Arduino and iPad water meter. Some seriously amazing projects are going up that anyone can do at home. But while the contest is underway, MAKE pulled together three of their favorites from the archives.

There is the Heron's fountain, the Electrified Zoetrope from recycled parts, and the Candy tin fume extractor.

Here's a video of the Heron's fountain:

These are all cool, but we highly suggest you check out the MAKE contest page for more stellar green DIY ideas.

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