Australia's Top Scientists Conclude Global Warming Still Happening

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Australian Scientists Evidently In On Plot to Socialize America
According to an article in the radical left-wing communist pamphlet known as 'Reuters', Australia's climate scientists have convened in order to file a 'State of the Climate' report. Their findings? Three guesses, and the first two don't count. Yes, Australia's climate is changing--both its surface sea temperatures and mean temperatures have risen over the last 50 years. And this report was issued by Australian scientists--who have nothing to do with Michael Mann, Al Gore, or anyone at the CRU. But I'm guessing there's something sinister afoot anyways . . .Here's the meat of their report, according to Reuters:

  • Since 1960, the mean temperature in Australia has increased by about 0.7 degrees Celsius, but some areas of the country had warmed by 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius in the past 50 years, the report said.

  • Australia's warmest decade on record is 2000 to 2009.

  • While total rainfall in Australia had been relatively stable, the geographic distribution changed significantly over the past 50 years, with rainfall decreasing in southwest and southeast Australia, the major population areas.

  • Sea levels around the island continent since 1993 have risen 7-10mm per year in the north and west and 1.5 to 3mm in the south and east, said the report.

  • From 1870 to 2007, the global average sea level rose by close to 200mm (8 inches), sea levels rose at an average of 1.7mm a year in the 20th century and about 3mm per year from 1993-2009, it said.

  • Sea surface temperatures around Australia have increased by about 0.4 degrees Celsius in the past 50 years.

  • The scientists said global carbon dioxide concentration in 2009 of 386 parts per million (ppm) was much higher than the natural range of 170 to 300 ppm that existed in the atmosphere for the past 800,000 years and possibly 20 million years.

  • The scientists said that based on their monitoring of the nation's climate for 100 years, Australian average temperatures are projected to rise by 0.6 to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030.

Hm. Seems pretty compelling . . .

But wait, climate change is a global conspiracy to take away American freedom, right? Surely the Australians are in on it! Sneaky Aussie bastards, trying to abet the plot to socialize America. Quick! Plug your ears, go back to the Drudge Report, lest you be indoctrinated! Science, what? I can't hear you! La la la la la!

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