Atlanta Starts The New Year Right, Offers a Free IMAX Movie for Old Cell Phones (Video)

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We wish more places would offer incentives like this, especially considering that most people are far more likely to recycle their phones when offered something in exchange. Atlanta's Fernbank Museum is offering free IMAX movie tickets for people who bring in their cell phones as a way of saying, "Thanks for not putting electronic waste in the landfill where it can turn into poison." Check out the movie that people get to see...all for dropping off a phone they're done with anyway! It's a good 'un. Ecolocalizer reports that from January 15 through January 24, Atlantans can head over to the Fernbank Museum and trade their old phones for a free ticket to the documentary Wild Ocean. Yep - turn in your phone and see a fantastic flick about the ecosystems you're helping to save, quite directly, by that very action. Plus, just to feel extra special - and make the rest of us that much more jealous - they get a free, reusable shopping bag!

The film - exploring how humans and the oceans' ecosystems interact by following the migration patterns of marine life, all coming together around one particular species of fish that feeds them all - is normally $13 for adults. Here's the trailer:

Spectacular, right?

We can't think of a much better reward for doing the right thing and ensuring your cell phone is properly recycled. Most cell phones submitted to recycling programs will get reused by people in need - either in the states or developing nations - and those that can't be refurbished are, hopefully, recycled in environmentally responsible ways.

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