Arch Rock Collects Building Energy Use Data Wirelessly

arch rock wireless sensor image

Sensor attached to data center rack, and dashboard screenshot. Images via Arch Rock

Life for managers of large buildings just got a little easier. Arch Rock just launched a wireless energy monitoring system. It collects data for energy use in the building, right down to which office room is using the space heater too often, all in real time and without sucking up much energy to run the system. Intended for facilities like data centers and office buildings that consume large amounts of energy, the system helps managers pinpoint and cut down energy use and make the building far more efficient in heating, cooling, lighting, and other aspects. And it leaves a light footprint in the first place; since it is wireless, it doesn't require laying new lines to install it, nor does it consume much energy to run.

As an out-of-band usage monitoring system, Energy Optimizer has no impact on legacy devices or the software that controls them. It is based on the same Internet standards as the enterprise network, but requires no services from the corporate IT department. Deployment is simple; the user mounts the sensors on the circuits and watches usage information begin to appear on the web-based portal.

We're watching energy monitoring even on large scales get easier and easier, to the point that we have to question anyone managing a large facility that isn't using some sort of energy monitoring system to cut costs and carbon footprints.

This system from Arch Rock lets managers see details of exactly where energy is being used - whether it's a particular HVAC system, or specific data server rack - and pinpoint how to cut down energy consumption for a building. That kind of information is already common in home energy monitoring systems where people can see how much their fridge or entertainment system is consuming. And dashboards with that kind of easy-access information - and combining it with other smart equipment networking systems - is important for buildings that consume far more energy.

Arch Rock estimates that buildings will save 10-20% on their energy bills thanks to using a monitoring system.

Via Arch Rock via CNET
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