AqWise: Habitat For Humanity's Waste

Israeli-based AqWise is increasing the amount of reclaimed water at wastewater plants. Based on a simple plastic bead about the size of a peanut (which you wouldn't want to eat) with enough space for plenty of fecal-munching bacterial and an aeration system, their system is already used in sewage treatment plants in the US, Canada and Latin America. Hundreds of thousands of plastic beads are sent swimming in a vat in combination with turbines that spin and aerate the water and waste just so. The latticework structure inside the bead increases surface area and provides low-rent condominiums for the bacteria ready and willing to help turn human waste into something resembling clean water. Go bacteria!!Company website says AqWise's system can be used in intensive municipal plants and extensive lagoons, from fish-farms to food industries, from pulp and paper plants to chemical plants. The techie name for their technology is AGAR (it is a fixed biofilm process they say), which can be implemented for expansion of existing wastewater treatment plants for increased capacity and nitrogen removal, while using the same biological reactor.

AqWise can help upgrade the biological process only or provide a complete turn-key job, covering primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

Main benefits of utilizing AqWise's technology:

* Additional BOD removal and/or lower retention time
* Addition of nutrient removal
* Retrofit/upgrade of existing, conventional plants
* Minimal construction works, down time, and capital cost
* Stable plant operation, lower sensitivity to shock loading

AqWise brochure (PDF)
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