Apple's Tablet to Take Over Textbooks, Magazines, Newspapers

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So Kindle seems to be bombing out among university students as a replacement for textbooks, at least in one trial run. But we mention that the Tablet from Apple could be a better solution since it is more interactive, and more familiar to anyone currently using an iPhone. And word on the street is that's just where Apple is headed with the new device, along with revolutionizing newspapers and magazines. Brian Lam at Gizmodo has heard word that Apple is talking with McGraw Hill and Oberlin Press about moving textbooks to iTunes, something Apple has been working on doing with "several major publishing houses across several media." He also states he's heard rumor about the New York Times being approached by Apple about putting the paper on "a new device."

While we're still in rumor turf, it's not hard to imagine that Apple's Tablet - an upcoming device that has Apple fanboys chomping at the bit to finally hear officially announced - will give all e-readers a run for their money, including Kindle. Newspapers have been actively looking for a different way to provide content, and Hearst Corp has made mention of releasing e-readers of its own. Plastic Logic's e-reader is a possibility for something sleeker than the Kindle, and Liquavista hopes to uncover more improvements.

But it really comes down to creating a quality product that people will enjoy using as a replacement for paper media. Apple has a reputation for making new devices do a cannon ball into the gadget pool, and if they follow up on their reputation, the Tablet could indeed be the device that finally ushers in the next wave of printed media. However, not only does it need to be something people enjoy using, but to be worth it, it needs to be greener than printed texts. When the device is finally announced (expectations are in "early 2010" - um, MacWorld anyone?), we'll look forward to reading the environmental footprint report, which Apple is finally making available to consumers for its products.

And students at Princeton University might finally smile.

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