Apple's Snow Leopard Saves $10 Million In Energy Annually

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A snow leopard...saving energy. Photo via Yvonne in Willowick Ohio via Flickr CC

Windows 7 has been boasting how it'll consume less energy and save users on battery life and energy costs. But Apple won't be left out on this angle for their OS. According to a CNET review, Snow Leopard could help users cut back on energy consumption by around 10%, and that means an overall savings of as much as $10 million could be realized.
Energy-saving Snow Leopard? Image via Gizmodo

CNET reviewed Snow Leopard's energy savings by running a 17" MacBook Pro through their standard energy use tests with OSX 10.5.6, and then Snow Leopard. They found that while the differences were very small, there was enough energy reduction to show a savings of about $1 over the course of a year (depending on cost of energy in your area, of course).

Small change per person. But as Environmental Leader points out, "Considering Apple's annual sales of about 10 million computers, the savings will translate to more than 80 million kWh a year, or nearly $10 million in electricity."

It also, of course, depends on how users run their systems. CNET notes, "As our tests are based on a hypothetical usage model, your mileage will vary depending on how much time your system spends off, idle, or doing actual work (and it's worth noting that Snow Leopard includes a newer version of QuickTime, which is used in the part of the testing process)."

Still, seeing the potential for any drop in energy consumption over the massive number of Mac users out there is positive, especially when we keep seeing our overall energy consumption increase thanks to our love affair with gadgets.

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