Apple gives us a glimpse of their environmental efforts for Earth Day

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For Earth Day this year, Apple has revamped its Environmental Responsibility website to give us an updated look at what they're doing on that front. The effort seems to come from the very top of the company, with a new video narrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook and a letter by Lisa Jackson, Apple's head-honcho of green initiatives and the former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The video references some of the things that were recently highlighted by Greenpeace, such as Apple's use of 100% renewable energy for its data-centers, and I believe it also shows Apple's new sapphire facility in Arizona, which has been powered by clean energy from day one, as well as a new data center + solar farm that they're building in Nevada. Check it out:

Cook might not be the best narrator, but the data shows that he seems to be pushing the behemoth in the right direction. There's still lots to do, as he himself admits, but Apple has changed a lot in the past few years. Hopefully that will mean that other giants like Samsung will follow suit...

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Apple breaks things down by category: Climate change, toxins, finite resources, and a more broad "our progress" page that includes some highlights from the past decade and a half.

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Here's the letter by Lisa Jackson:

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Jackson gave a tour of the Nevada facility to WIRED magazine. You can read all about it here (it's pretty cool!).

There's also a video showing their upcoming campus:

While some aspects are controversial, it'll be powered by 100% renewable energy, close to 80% of the building site will be open space with 7,000 trees, it'll have 1000 shared bikes, biofuel buses, transit access, 300 electric vehicle charging points, etc. Lots of good things, even if some other things could be better.

Update: Apple has published an Earth Day ad in many newspaper:

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Looks like they couldn't resist taking a jab at their competition... But what they say is literally true: We need leaders who do the right thing and bring the rest of their industry forward. Hopefully Apple can take that role for the coming years.

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Apple gives us a glimpse of their environmental efforts for Earth Day
The company is reaffirming its commitment to being more environmentally-friendly. Based on the data, it's not just fluff, they've made real progress, though they still have lots to do...

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