Apple Doing the Right Thing for Recycling - But for Limited Time Only

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Image via Apple

Apple is making a move that is really the right thing for an electronics manufacturer to do. But they're making the limitations of their offer very clear, which takes all the steam out of it. At least it's a good thing for some, for awhile. From Apple:

For a limited time, Apple will collect any brand of unwanted computers and peripherals from your school for free* and recycle them in a secure and responsible way. You'll not only keep your school green, but also free up more storage space... This spring, Apple will recycle your school’s old, unwanted Mac computers, PCs, and qualifying peripherals from any manufacturer—for free. There’s no purchase required, and all accredited K-12 and higher education institutions with at least 25 pieces* of recyclables are eligible to participate. Just register in time, follow the steps, and we’ll do the rest.

Like all the asterisks and specifics? At any rate, your school needs to register by July 31 to take advantage of the deal.

If your school doesn't qualify or doesn't register in time, consider the possibility of teaching kids cool hacks and mods using the equipment.

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