Announcing TreeHugger Android App, Part of Sprint's Green ID Package

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Every time we talk about the TreeHugger iPhone app, we get requests about when we will launch an Android version. Well....

Sprint has launched a new smart phone app package called Green ID. It is a suite of apps that help Android users green up their habits from what they shop for to recycling to learning more about green actions. The solution is designed around bringing the best apps to your finger tips, and guess what! TreeHugger is included. Today, Sprint announced that the Green ID pack is going live for Android users. The app suite includes TreeHugger's news app and videos from TreeHugger TV, as well as other great goodies like the iRecycle app from Earth911, GreenBiz's news app, Saasmob's Green You app for tracking your carbon footprint, widgets from Green America, The National Audubon Society and more.

Sprint writes, "For those who are dedicated environmentalists or just interested in finding some simple yet meaningful ways to begin living a greener life, Sprint... Green ID pack automatically loads apps, widgets and shortcuts tailor-made for users who want to live a more environmentally sustainable life and help others to do the same. Starting today, owners of the LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™, Samsung Epic™ 4G* and Samsung Galaxy Tab™ can load the Green ID pack onto their device in one simple click. Sprint's newest eco-friendly phone, the Samsung Replenish™, also will offer the Green ID pack when it becomes available on May 8."

Broken up across four screens, the Green ID pack includes not only green news from TreeHugger and other sites, but also a "Live Green" section that includes tips and tricks for greening your lifestyle including how-to's from TreeHuggers' How To Go Green Guides; a "Shop Green" section that includes a widget form and; and a "Take Action" section where you can access groups like the National Audubon Society, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Green Education Foundation.

All in all, the Green ID pack seems jam-packed with smart green apps, and it's exciting that TreeHugger gets to be involved. This is the launch of our Android app, similar to our iPhone app that debuted last year, and through it you can hit not only our news stories, but also our Twitter stream and Facebook content.

Right now, the Green ID pack is free to download with Sprint's Everything Data plan.

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