And Now the Bad News: 11 New Sites Added to Superfund

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First the good news: 366 Superfund sites have been deleted from the Superfund National Priorities List since it was created back in 1980. The bad news: We're still finding more sites and 11 more were just added to the list (with an additional 10 more awaiting approval). Click thru to find out of there's a site near you. All of the added (and proposed) sites contain some or all of the following toxic waste: "antimony, arsenic, barium, benzo-a-anthracene, boron, cadmium, chloromethane, chromium, copper, dichloroethene (DCE), hexachlorobenze, lead, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), selenium, silver, tetrachloroethene (PCE), trichloroethane (TCA), trichloroethene (TCE), vinyl chloride, and zinc." Granted, many of these items can be found in every day products, just not in the concentrations as enormous and lethal as at a Superfund site.

Superfund sites are the worst of the worst, they are sites with "the most complex, uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste" in the US. When a site is designated Superfund, the EPA still tries to find responsible parties for cleanup, but oftentimes the owners have long since left town. When a party is unable to pay for clean up or cannot be located, then it is up to the government to determine what is on the site, come up with a cleanup plan and find a way to pay for it. Today there are 1,271 final sites on the National Priorities List, with an additional 66 proposed sites awaiting addition, bringing the grand total of identified toxic sites in the US to 1,337.

The following 11 sites have been added to the National Priorities List:

B.F. Goodrich (Rialto, Calif.)
Lane Street Ground Water Contamination (Elkhart, Ind.)
Southwest Jefferson County Mining (Jefferson County, Mo.)
Flat Creek IMM (Superior, Mont.)
Ore Knob Mine (Ashe County, N.C.)
GMH Electronics (Roxboro, N.C.)
Curtis Specialty Papers, Inc. (Milford, N.J.)
Little Scioto River (Marion County, Ohio)
Salford Quarry (Lower Salford Township, Pa.)
Papelera Puertorriquena, Inc. (Utuado, Puerto Rico)
Amcast Industrial Corporation (Cedarburg, Wis.)

The following 10 sites have been proposed to the National Priorities List:

Salt Chuck Mine (Outer Ketchikan County, Ark.)
Millsboro TCE (Millsboro, Del.)
JJ Seifert Machine (Ruskin, Fla.)
Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp - Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Chemetco (Madison County, Ill.)
Gratiot County Golf Course (St. Louis, Mich.)
Kerr-McGee Chem Corp - Navassa (Navassa, N.C.)
Newtown Creek (Brooklyn/Queens, N.Y.)
Black Butte Mine (Cottage Grove, Ore.)
Van Der Horst USA Corporation (Terrell, Texas)

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