An Ink-Wasting HP Ad for...HP Ink

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Screengrab of the Weather Channel's "printable" 10-Day Forecast page by The Consumerist reader Michael Dillon.

Who designed this, who approved it, and who let it get out of the marketing department at HP? This company just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight for doing utterly mindless, un-green things. Despite the fact that they're shooting to lighten the carbon footprint of their products and operations, they're bound and determined here to ensure their consumers don't lighten their footprint, at least when it comes to printing. The item highlighted at The Consumerist is a printable 10-day weather forecast sponsored by HP. It's ridiculous in at least two ways. The most obvious is the fact that you're going to waste a ton of ink by printing this out because of the black background on that HP ad. Could the company have slapped its consumers in the face any harder? They basically say, "We tell you you'll get more pages out of our ink. Let's test that! Here, print this and use up all your ink, and then come buy our ink because you're all out....and then print another one of these in 10 days and see if you use up all the ink from our cartridges." How hard would it have been to design this on a white background with minimal ink needed?

The second reason this ad is ridiculous is the fact that anyone might print a 10-day weather forecast in the first place. Most people either have this information readily available whenever they access the internet on their phones or computers. Better to save trees and just click through on the electronic device you're already using anyway. And besides, weather is always changing and 10-day forecasts are usually wrong, so why would anyone print out what is most likely incorrect, or at least inaccurate, weather predictions? A clear addition to the "don't print" file.


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