An Idea for Using Every Last Drop of Water from Your Laundry

water catcher for clothes image

Image via Yanko Design

Saving water and energy during laundry day is important, and we typically think of water-wise washers and hang-drying as the best options. But even when we hang-dry our laundry, there's a smidgen of water wasted by what drips off the clothes. We could put our potted plants under the clothesline and call it a day for using a resource to its fullest. Or, designer Tian Lingrui has another idea. Yanko Design shows off this interesting idea for hanging a tube to the bottom of your garment to catch dripping water. You can then recycle the water easily. It's a pretty great idea since I often see a small pool of wasted water on the floor underneath sweaters hung up to dry, even when I've done my best to get all the excess water out.

water catcher for clothes image

It seems both practical, and would you use it?

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