America's Book Shelf -- New Life for Old Books

We mentioned the UK's version of a product service system for books in January; now, the concept has made it across the Atlantic. Lauched on Earth Day, America's Book Shelf borrows a page from Netflix and Blockbuster by delivering the books you want right to your door. What's even cooler (and greener) is that most of the books come from members themselves: you list books you're willing to share on the website, and when someone requests one of them, ABS sends you a postage-paid envelope to mail it off. As a member, you can then request books from other members, keep it as long as you like, and check it in online when you're done with it. When someone else wants it, another postage-paid envelope comes your way. According to owner Bill Denkler, "For every 65 books shared through, we can help save one tree from the pulp and paper mills." The company also lightens its footprint by buying wind energy from NativeEnergy and using only recycled office supplies. As a lauch special, ABS is offering a free one-year membership to the first 10,000 people that join -- you only pay for your book credits. Very cool! :: America's Book Shelf See also ::Treehugger Homework: Start a Library at Work